Easily add products to your website and offer to your customers
without the need of long, complex integrations

The customer journey is very important to us and that’s why we enable your customer to work direct with the provider without us getting in the way.

SIM Only

CTech can help you sell SIM only products easily and supporting the customers who are already buying SIM free devices from your website already. We work with all the major networks such as O2, Virgin, Three and Vodafone.

Home Broadband & media

We can enable you to sell home broadband & media services to your customers that are visiting your website. Working with providers such as Now broadband, Virgin, Origin and SSE and many more. These services can work around and compliment your current hardware sales.


Each sale that you make from your website will get you a commission which is paid 30-45 days after the sale has been completed. The commission can vary depending on size of the service you sell, provider and also contract length the customer chooses.

Track your sales

Each sale is tracked against the SIM card details and we don't use any PII data, we don't use tracking cookies to pay our partners.

Easy to setup, Easy to use

Simply request our API documentation and we can get you set-up on our system within 10 days and then you can start selling.

Paid on each connection

Each provider pays different commission but we send a breakdown of this commission every month to you so you can easily track the sales.

Our product

Our partners are able to display, update and manage our products easily through an API. This means they show their customer the best deals available as soon as they’re updated.

Interested to speak further, send a quick message and we will come back to you

The messages we receive are passed onto the relevant teams and they will come back to you within 48 hours!